Sharing Data Between Infor SX.e and Ecommerce Site: From Full-time Job to Fully Automated  
Food service equipment supplier achieves dynamic ERP-ecommerce integration with eCommerce21.

Based in Washington DC, Adams-Burch is the mid-Atlantic area’s go-to wholesale supplier of food service equipment and furnishings. Their clientele includes hotel chains, restaurants, conference centers, schools and caterers. Currently, about 30% of their orders flow through the company’s ecommerce website. IT Director Doug Fanning says online business has grown steadily month over month, and he expects that trend to continue.

One of the company’s biggest ecommerce challenges was the time-consuming process of getting product data out of their Infor SX.e ERP system and into their storefront on a daily basis. According to Fanning, the process became a full-time job for one of their employees. Fanning and others at the company set out to change that.

They formed a task force and ultimately selected eCommerce21 from Computer Pundits to replace their existing storefront application. Developed specifically for the unique needs of wholesale suppliers, eCommerce21 is an Internet storefront design and management system that integrates seamlessly with the industry’s most popular ERP systems, including Infor SX.e.

Dynamic PIM

“With its dynamic product information management (PIM) system, it’s a breeze to get data in and out of our eCommerce21 storefront from SX.e,” Fanning explained. So easy, in fact, that the company was able to eliminate the full-time data management job.

An Appealing Online Shopping Experience

They also dramatically improved the look and feel of their site. Adams-Burch doesn’t have web developers in-house, so the fact that eCommerce21 builds and populates attractive ecommerce websites on the fly was very appealing to the company. Their customers can now read product information screens easier, view more images, and streamline ordering with on-board shopping tools.

Looking ahead, this wholesale supplier plans to pour hundreds of thousands of non-stock items into their ecommerce site—something their old site wouldn’t have been able to support. “The PIM is so streamlined in eCommerce21, that we will be able to include the other 30-40% of the products that we offer beyond our own inventory,” said Fanning.

Value-Add Catalog Tools

The company also plans to take advantage of eCommerce21’s content management and catalog tools to produce limited edition and mini product catalogs. This way they can showcase product lines specific to individual hotel or restaurant chains.

“When it comes to their technology systems, Adams-Burch is a very hands-on company,” states Computer Pundits president Prashubh Batham. “We’re excited to see what they will achieve with eCommerce21.” For more information about Adams-Burch, visit